NIE Networks: B947 Excavation, Cable Laying & Reinstatement Framework

Cable Laying & Reinstatement for NIE Networks.

Project Summary

Cable Laying & Reinstatement for NIE Networks.

Project Detail

Adman were appointed by NIE in 2018 on Lot 2 Northern region to provide all civil engineering works associated with:

  • The excavation and reinstatement of trenches and joint holes

  • Installation of electricity cables (33kV, 11kV, LV mains and LV service) and related equipment (including minipillars, underground distribution boxes, auxiliary cables, ducts, etc.) associated with:
  • Provision of New Customer Connections

  • Fault and Emergency Response
  • Asset Installation / Replacement / Upgrade Works

  • Cable Jointing of 33kV, 11kV, LV and Service Cables
  • Management of Street Works activities including signing, lighting and guarding of works to Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual