Northwest Transport Hub

The North-West Transport Hub is located at the former Waterside Train Station.

Project Summary

The North-West Transport Hub is located at the former Waterside Train Station.

Project Detail

Adman were appointed by Babcock International to undertake ‘on track’ works associated with the re-opening, refurbishment and extension of the original Derry/Londonderry Train Station which was to form the new “North West Multimodal Transport Hub”.

The works were to facilitate Signalling & Telecoms (S&T) associated with the project on 3.7km of single track running from the Foyle Bridge to the current station. As normal train services in/out of the existing station had to be maintained during the works, all of our services were undertaken through a combination of green zone working during normal hours and nightshift possessions (80% night works, typical hours 23:00hrs – 06:00hrs 7 days a week). We were responsible for all Temporary Works designs and support to maintain daytime train timetables and we co-ordinated our works with Principal Contractor (Farrans) and track specialist Rhomberg Sersa. Live as-built surveys were undertaken to allow other contractors on-site to proceed. Works undertaken included:

  • Excavation and installation of Standard Signal Location Case (LOC) bases at various chainages along the track
  • DNO/Points Heating Control Cubicles (PHCC) bespoke foundations & associated civils incl. retention, hardstanding, paths & railings etc.
  • Signal Post and Points telephone bases. Standard Signal Structure bases. Works incl. excavation for all secondary duct routes & setting in of bolts & baseplates. Signal Post Walkways, Signal Structure Walkways, Signal Post Telephone Walkways & Walkway Railings to match LOC handrails
  • Gantry and Twin Track Cantilever Bases, Cubis Drawpits, Fibre Bays, and duct systems.
  • Installation of Kwik Step staircase with compacted granular infill & proprietary galvanised handrail system
  • Construction of UTX Hardwood Sleeper king post retaining systems and installation of Lineside Signs