Brockaghboy wind farm sold to Italian Giant

In March 2016 ERG Renew bought Brockaghboy wind farm from TCI Renewables. It's located just outside Garvagh in Co Londonderry. The development has permission for up to 19 turbines, which have the potential of generating 57MW of power.

 This was a headline article in the Belfast Telegraph on March 8th 2016

In June 2016 Adman Civil Projects Ltd were awarded the Design & Build contract to construct the infrastructure which included 8km of site track, 19 turbine foundations, 2nr corrugated bridge structures along with substantial off site works.  In addition, Adman will continue to act as Principal Contractor during the Turbine Erection and commissioning phase of the contract.

This has been a “Landmark” project for Adman and it has been a platform for the company to show its capabilities and strengths to a company the size of ERG who are the leading wind power operator in Italy and amongst the main players in Europe, with an installed capacity of 1,768 MW.   

Brockaghboy Wind Farm from MNAF Visual on Vimeo.

ERG have posted on their website:

Our future plans - The increase of renewable energy production is increasingly important for our current transition. We have been forerunners of these trends, on a global basis, by radically shifting our business model. In our 2015-2018 Business Plan we laid out the strategic lines of our development for the next three years:

Increasing our installed wind power capacity abroad by about 600 MW

 We will achieve our growth by implementing a business model that focuses on systematic development in the countries with the greatest development potential, such as France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom. We will increase our installed capacity abroad (850 MW at the end of 2018) from the current 37% to 44% of the total.

Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, ERG is also active in the production of power from water and thermoelectric sources, with highly efficient plants and low environmental impact.   ERG owns a 51% stake in TotalErg, joint venture in the fuel distribution sector.

Adman Civil Projects

Adman’s mission has been to enhance our client satisfaction through continual improvement of our business practices in terms of safety, quality, services, delivery per client expectations, environmental protection as well as internal expansion of our business operations.

Ensuring Standards and Safety

Our accredited Integrated Management System frames the operations of all our business activities. Our focus on high standards has built a culture of excellence in terms of Quality & Environmental

Performance and Health & Safety Management. When these key aspects are effectively managed, delivery of projects on Time and within Budget is made much easier – even in some of the challenging environs in which we operate.

Preparing and Designing

Prior to commencement of physical work on any project, valuable time is spent by our dedicated Team surveying, brainstorming and reflecting on previous experience - bringing our expertise to bear to help achieve the best fit solution. Where we undertake design, we ensure that a structured, integrated approach is taken, with relevant stakeholder involvement being key to the successful completion.

Site Operations

We conduct our site operations using managed supply chains, modern equipment, latest technology and a highly skilled workforce. Effective Senior Management leadership and a right first time philosophy ensures that we continually meet and exceed our Client’s expectations.


We take particular pride in the completion and restoration stages of the projects which we undertake. Applying the finishing touches to bring a vision into a reality is beyond doubt, the most satisfying part of any project.