Public Realm & Environmental Improvement

Developing and maintaining our cities, towns, parks and public spaces.

Project 1: Ballygawley Village Environmental Improvement Scheme

Summary: Adman were appointed by Mid Ulster District Council as Principal Contractor to undertake a key project under the Council’s Village Improvement Scheme. This was part of the wider Local Action Group (LAG) interim strategy under the Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2020. The LAG had allocated grant aid for the implementation of major and minor works programmes within selected villages.

Project Detail: Key features of the works were as follows:

  • Site preparation including clearance of vegetation (scrub & bushes), taking down existing play park fencing including posts, columns, ends posts, restraining posts.
  • Upgrading a 250m walkway to a 3.5m wide pedestrian/restricted vehicle link from the village playing fields to Church Street. This element included significant earth works to extend & widen the path, formation of new levels & foundations & laying of a bitmac finish surface. Associated works included drainage to new linkway, laying of precast concrete kerbs & Ibex mesh fencing
  • Installing 57 no. brand new 4m high lighting columns to all paths around the existing playing fields, including excavation of cable trenches, ducts and reinstatement
  • Extending the children’s play park including installation of bespoke furniture allowing for seating for parents (benches), litter bins, bicycle stands & information signage
  • Laying 500m of new bitmac pathways & reinstatement works to existing perimeter paths leading to/surrounding the playing fields & riverside walkways.
  • Landscaping to finished scheme including seeding out, bulb & shrub planting.

Project 2: Clooney Greenway

Summary: Adman were appointed by Derry City & Strabane District Council as Principal Contractor to undertake the construction of the Clooney Greenway. The project formed a key part of the Council’s plan to extend its greenway network following the completion of the earlier Waterside Greenway which connects the Peace Bridge to Gransha Estate. The objective of the project was to provide safer, off-road access from Clooney and Nelson Drive to the new Foyle & Ebrington School site, whilst providing enhanced walking and cycling opportunities for the wider Waterside community.

Project Detail: Key features of the works were as follows:

  • Demolition & site clearance to over 7,816m².
  • Construction of 1,000m of 3.5m wide Footpath/Cycle path incl. associated earthworks & excavation
  • Laying over 3,000m² of hot rolled asphalt surfacing.
  • Laying 2,120m of 75x150mm pre-cast kerbs.
  • Laying 450m of 650mm dia. storm drains, 430m of 725mm dia. Storm drains & 98m of 800mm dia storm drains.
  • Fencing incl. installation of 182m of 1800mm high weld mesh powder coated fencing ,143m of 1300mm high timber post & steel rail fence & 500m of timber ‘D’ rail.
  • Installing street furniture & signage.
  • Soft landscaping works including, seeding out & bulb planting.
  • Installing 49 lighting Columns complete with all associated fixings including excavation, disposal, earthwork support and concrete base foundation.

All works took place in a major urban environment & in the direct proximity of three local Schools (Nursery, Primary and Secondary) & various sport pitches/clubs & residential properties. This required comprehensive health & safety measures including phasing & segregation of works & development of detailed site traffic management plans

Project 3: Billy Neill Pathways & Cycleways

Summary: Adman Civil Projects Ltd. were appointed by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council as Principal Contractor to undertake a major project within the Billy Neill MBE Country Park to improve and extend the pathway and cycleway network and car parking facilities. The site is located close to Dundonald and forms a key part of the Billy Neill Soccer School of Excellence.

Project Detail: Key features of the works were as follows:

  • Site prep & clearance to over 12,500m² inc. scrub/tree removal, breaking out old foundations, road surfaces, old pavements & hedgerows.
  • Earthworks including preparation of over 9,000m² & cut/fill including formation of embankments & general landscaping to over 1,500m³.
  • Formation of new access roads & pedestrian pavements allowing for all prep works (1,208m² of sub bases & flexible road bases) & laying over 405m² of hot rolled asphalt & 1,196m² of Grade C32/40 fibre mesh reinforced concrete, Roscommon buff aggregate pavements
  • Formation of new overflow car park with 1,380m² asphalt finish & line marking
  • Site Drainage including laying over 800m of uPVC perforated land drainage pipes, French drains, soakaways, V ditches, road gullies and manhole/inspection chambers
  • Formation of over 14,000m² of new light duty stone walking/cycling trails with 3,000m of treated timber edgings (38 x 150 mm)
  • Formation of 1,000m of raised timber boardwalks over marsh ground including a 12ft single span timber footbridge to allow the boardwalk to cross a small waterway running into the main site lake
  • Formation of 1,500m of Mountain Bike Pump Track
  • Installation of street furniture inc. semi domed top cast ductile iron litter bins, 5m street lighting columns, plastic benches, signage & marker posts, cycle stands & information panels
  • Site wide fencing works allowing for 30m of 1m high galvanised steel vehicle restraint crash barriers to access road and150m of 1.25m high hazard warning fencing
  • Seeding out over 4,000m² & mixed planting inc over 4,000 shrubs & 600 semi mature trees including Cherry, Pine, Alder, Beech & Birch.