Upgrade and maintenance of rail infrastructure.

Project 1: Translink: FW065 – Infrastructure Support Framework

Summary: Adman Civil Projects Ltd were appointed by Translink as primary supplier in 2020 on the FW065 Infrastructure Support Framework and which involves a mixture of capital and maintenance works to all infrastructure, property and structures owned by the Northern Ireland Railways Company

Project Detail: Our scope of works includes:

  • Demolition – Structures and Buildings
  • Bridge Repair and Refurbishment
  • Concrete Works – Repairs, Reconstruction
  • Piling / Specialist foundations
  • Masonry / Blockwork / Brickwork Repointing and Construction
  • Steelwork – Structural Repairs, Cleaning and Painting
  • Sea / River Defences – Rock Armour, Stone Revetments, Scour Protection, repointing etc.
  • Culvert – Construction, replacement, maintenance, cleaning and repair
  • Earthworks – Embankment / Cutting Stabilization / Reinstatement
  • Retaining Structures – Construction / Repair / Strengthening
  • Station Platforms – Construction, Copings, Surfacing, Lighting, extensions.
  • Permanent Way – track repair, track replacement


Project 2: Translink: FW073 Civil Engineering Contractors Framework

Summary: Adman were awarded a place on the ‘Active List’ of 5 contractors in 2021. The framework involves a mixture of capital and maintenance works to all infrastructure, property and structures owned by the Northern Ireland Railways Company

Project Detail: Our scope of works includes all civil engineering works associated with:

  • Bridges (under/over line, viaducts, footbridges)
  • Culverts
  • Tunnels
  • Earthworks and Retaining Structures
  • Rock Cuttings (including cliffs)
  • Sea and River Defences
  • Platforms
  • Gantries
  • Miscellaneous Structures e.g. water towers
  • Drainage systems
  • Permanent Way (e.g. ballasted track, slab track, switches and crossings, rail welding, track electrification)
  • Piling / Specialist foundations
  • Steelwork
  • Railway support systems – Lighting columns, train wash refuelling etc
  • Civil works to support Signalling & Telecoms systems (e.g. cable duct routes, bases)


Project 3: Northwest Transport Hub

Summary: Adman were appointed by Babcock International to undertake ‘on track’ works associated with the re-opening, refurbishment and extension of the original Derry/Londonderry Train Station which was to form the new “North West Multimodal Transport Hub”.

Project Detail: The works were to facilitate Signalling & Telecoms (S&T) associated with the project on 3.7km of single track running from the Foyle Bridge to the current station. As normal train services in/out of the existing station had to be maintained during the works, all of our services were undertaken through a combination of green zone working during normal hours and nightshift possessions (80% night works, typical hours 23:00hrs – 06:00hrs 7 days a week). We were responsible for all Temporary Works designs and support to maintain daytime train timetables and we co-ordinated our works with Principal Contractor (Farrans) and track specialist Rhomberg Sersa. Live as-built surveys were undertaken to allow other contractors on-site to proceed. Works undertaken included:

  • Excavation and installation of Standard Signal Location Case (LOC) bases at various chainages along the track
  • DNO/Points Heating Control Cubicles (PHCC) bespoke foundations & associated civils incl. retention, hardstanding, paths & railings etc.
  • Construction of Signal Post and Points telephone bases
  • Construction of Standard Signal Structure bases. Works incl. excavation for all secondary duct routes & setting in of bolts & baseplates
  • Construction of Signal Post Walkways, Signal Structure Walkways, Signal Post Telephone Walkways & Walkway Railings to match LOC handrails
  • Construction of Gantry and Twin Track Cantilever Bases
  • Installation of Cubis Drawpits, Fibre Bays and duct systems.
  • Installation of Kwik Step staircase with compacted granular infill & proprietary galvanised handrail system
  • Construction of UTX Hardwood Sleeper king post retaining systems.
  • Installation of Lineside Signs

Project 4: Lurgan Station

Summary: Adman were appointed by Babcock International to undertake the construction of new station platforms at Lurgan Train Station. The project was part of a wider Permanent Way scheme to upgrade and renew 1700m of double track (3400m in total) and all works were completed under full possession.

Project Detail: Our scope of works included:

  • Site Investigations/Surveys to locate existing services
  • Site clearance and demolition of existing platform walls and pavement
  • Temporary support systems for existing buried S&T services temporarily exposed during construction
  • Construction of new platforms including installation of 152 no. new precast concrete wall units at over 370m and infill with over 640m³ of recycled ballast from site
  • Installation of 1,080m of ducts & chambers
  • Installation of 320m of trackside drainage
  • Laying new platform copings, tactile paving & surfacing
  • Modifications to Station Building ramps
  • Installation of new lighting column bases
  • Installation of station signage

Project 5: Helens Bay

Summary: Adman were appointed by Translink as Principal Contractor under the FW065 Infrastructure Support Framework to repair a 30m embankment slip on the Bangor line. The incident involved the rapid mobilisation of an emergency team to site to provide track access, review the embankment and undertake approved works.

Project Detail: Our scope of works included:

  • Establishing a watching brief of the works on an ongoing basis.
  • De-vegetation, tree felling works and watercourse diversions were undertaken to allow for access and a topographic survey to be completed.
  • Monitoring track levels throughout.
  • Removal of slipped material from the embankment, installation of concrete Redi-Rock retaining wall system and formation of embankment (target of 1:1.5 gradient) using Type 3 stone compacted in layers back to track level.
  • Working 24hrs for a 7 day period with the day shift carrying out preparation works and movement of materials in preparation for the night shift.
  • Final slope formation with topsoil, grass seed, handrail and ballast shoulder reinstated.
  • T2 Possession was used to gain 1.5hrs each night before T3 Possession commenced maximising night shift time available.

Project 6: Glenavy Ballast

Summary: Adman were appointed by Translink as Principal Contractor under the FW065 Infrastructure Support Framework to undertake essential remedial works to address a ballast slip along a section of railway embankment at Glenavy which left a short section of track unstable. The project involved a week long track possession during which 120ft section of track was lifted and new Ballast Retention System installed along with erosion protection matting, new fencing and updated track reinstatement to current NIR specifications

Project Detail: Our scope of works included:

  • Tree clearance in advance of possession.
  • Uplifting of 120ft section of track & excavating the area to formation.
  • Installing ‘asset BaFix 100 Ballast Retention System along with erosion protection matting, fencing and permanent way reinstatement to current NIR specifications.
  • A combination of Rail Plant, Track Excavators and Grab lorries were used to complete the works.