The Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra Race. DONE!

Well what can Adman  say as the dust has now settled after the cycling challange at the Donegal Ultra...

In the words of Ann Harpur Mc Grath " No words could explain the magnitude of terrain these cyclists covered, 555 km, with lack of sleep, cycling in the dark, solo efforts, team spirit and sheer determination was needed in abundance. I never knew there was as many mountains , large hills and steep gradients in Donegal. Very well done  one and all. They certainly have made everyone proud."

"A big thank you to everyone who helped out but esecially to our teams Support - Martin Canning, Peter Ward, Deirdre Dobbs, Ciaran Donnelly & Stephen Daly, to everyone at Adman for their kind support in sponsoring the kit for the 3 teams along with the North West News Group, to KDM for sponsoring us their welfare van which was essential to us and to Signal Signs for providing us with all the signage".

Having originally intended to try and complete their challenge in 24hrs the cyclists, through sheer hard work, grit and determination, arrived home in 22:34:08 exceeding their expectations!